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Try It, You’ll Like It: How Product Samples Increase Profits

Posted by Chuck Hajj, Executive Director on Jan 24, 2018 9:15:02 AM

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Want consumers to experience—and love—your product? Give them a free taste of what you have to offer.   

Product sampling allows you to showcase your product and its benefits in the most hands-on way possible. In fact, not only will 92% of customers try a product sample offered to them—53% of customers will buy it.

Before they enter the shopper’s dilemma—what product, what brand, what price, etc.—show them what they might be missing out on.

In-Store Sampling

Samples aren’t just freebies for shoppers to take, try, and immediately forget. Truth is, most customers sampling products will quickly add it to their shopping list. 

In-store samples of existing products showed a 177% increase on the day of distribution, and a 57% increase after a 20-week period.

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Say you’re handing out samples of the latest addition to your product line. Studies show you should expect a mind-blowing 919% increase the day you offer samples in-store and a 107% increase after a 20-week period.


Venue-Based Sampling

Sampling isn’t limited to supermarkets, beauty counters, or online shopping carts.

Strategic distribution of samples through a variety of trusted redistributors is powerful and growing. For example: health care providers, beauty salons, veterinarians or universities can increase awareness, interest, and purchase decisions for targeted audiences at point of market entry or during a lifestyle change. In fact, 72% of consumers are more likely to purchase promoted products after engaging with samples at these marketing experiences.

Having a highly trusted distributor creates an implied endorsement of the product from the distributor.


Samples By Mail

At-home samples appeal to a large swath of consumers. According to a recent survey, 67% of customers would prefer to have samples mailed to their home. 

The off-line mailbox remains a highly effective marketing channel. Nearly 85% of customers said that they’d likely log onto a website and sign up to receive samples if they received a mailed postcard driving them there.

Samples work as a vehicle for customers to engage further with your brand—and if they’re satisfied, to share it with others. They not only have the opportunity to explore your products directly online—they can share your product on social media.

And the power of social media is infinite, especially for millennial moms.


The Future of Sampling

Worried about the cost of producing and distributing samples? Don’t.

Companies are finding ways to let consumers experience their products firsthand using interactive apps, virtual reality, and other digital media.

Topshop partnered with Kinect to create AR dressing rooms, allowing users to quickly try on outfits without having to change their clothes, which eliminates the risk of potential product damage and theft. (Considering that shoplifting and fraud cost retailers nearly $50 billion in revenue last year, the benefits are increased threefold in terms of ROI and engagement.)

Home Depot launched Project Color in 2015, allowing users to digitally “paint” a picture of their room to aid their purchase decision. The Sephora Visual Artist app lets you virtually test different makeup products to find your perfect shade.

Meet your customers online and supply them with digital sampling. Allow them to test your product online in an interactive way. Let them explore how your brand could work for them.

Sampling is a proven conversion strategy, so give it a try—give them a try. Download our latest research report, The Power of Product Sampling and Couponingtoday.

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