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Walmart vs. Amazon—A New Era of One-Stop Shopping For Millennial Moms

Posted by Chuck Hajj, Executive Director on Dec 1, 2017 10:31:17 AM

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"There just aren't enough hours in the day," is the unofficial mantra for millennial moms. As a result, the one-stop shop is a popular choice for moms looking to save precious minutes. And thanks to ever-improving mobile technology, moms can shop from anywhere at any time.

Millennial moms are avid media users who are constantly connected. They are 63% more likely to use their smartphone when they become mothers, and more than 90% of moms are active Internet users, with higher rates of online subscription sign-ups, digital discounts, and use of social media to share coupons.

At Meredith Custom Solutions, we’re constantly tracking eCommerce trends among millennial moms and devising creative ways to meet them where they shop. Here’s what we’ve learned:


Until recently, retail giants like Walmart and Target dominated the “momosphere” by providing convenient cross-aisle shopping at a competitive price. But that all changed when Amazon exploded into a we-offer-everything digital marketplace with enormous product variety, spot-on recommendations based on past purchases, and an intuitive interface that made shopping both easy and fun.

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have scrambled to catch up ever since with varying degrees of success. Take Walmart, for instance. Last year the Bentonville behemoth acquired Jet.com, a nimble online retailer that differentiates itself by lowering product costs with the more products you buy.   

And by providing in-aisle, curbside, and same-day delivery services (at a discount), physical storefronts have offered their own solution to mom's time crunch: convenience, immediacy, and zero shipping costs. Curbside pick-up is especially popular, particularly with the development of apps like Curbside. A team of ex-Apple engineers and designers created an interactive platform for consumers and brick-and-mortars, allowing shoppers to order products online at one of over 4,000 locations for immediate pick-up.

Larger cities have access to apps like FreshDirect, Peapod, Fairway Market, or Safeway that provide fresh groceries on demand, and Amazon Grocery is working on expanding access. But there are at least two advantages that physical storefronts have over the digital: shipping costs and last-minute needs (or when freshness is a factor, like weekly groceries).

So for now, brick-and-mortar stores aren't going away anytime soon. Whether you're meeting millennial moms on-screen or in-person, there are specific ways to engage them based on their behavior. 


When it comes to shopping behavior, the millennial mom has three main priorities: value, safety, and simplification. And she does her research before making a purchase. She frequents sites like Kids in Danger, a non-profit dedicated to improving children's product safety by providing recall information, safety ratings, and injury reports. She uses apps like Pricegrabber, Buyvia and ShopSavvy to access coupons, track deals, and compare prices.

Even when they’re in-store, millennial moms are still online. 68% of moms use their smartphones while shopping, scanning for product information, safety reviews, and social media feedback before making a purchase.

They also frequently look to peers for purchase opinions and advice—and provide them in return. Millennial moms are more likely to share opinions on purchases within their circle of friends, and provide unsolicited online recommendations far more frequently than the average mother.

Forbes referred to millennial moms as the $2.4 Trillion Social Media Influencer earlier this year, highlighting the active online lives of the 21st century mother and their propensity to create, share, and consider reviews on a variety of different products.

Understanding the influence (and affluence) that millennial moms have in the digital marketplace is vital to effective marketing. Our job is to understand the ways in which to access them—and provide creative approaches to the way they interact with media.

Want to learn more about the ways millennial moms interact with social media and the online marketplace? Download our Digital Habits of Millennial Moms research report below. 

Download Digital Habits of Millennial Moms 

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